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About Our Community


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We are located off 11-W, on the east side of the city of Kingsport, Tennessee.  Being inside the Kingsport City limits, the neighborhood receives municipal services: garbage, fire, police and ambulance service.


 City of Kingsport website




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Crown Colony is in the Kingsport City School District.  Links to the individual schools serving our neighborhood:


Thomas Jefferson Elementary 

Ross N. Robinson Middle

Dobyns-Bennett High School

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1. Crown Colony is managed by a non-profit

     Board of Directors made up of homeowners.


2. HOA employs a part-time secretary, full time

     grounds keeper and a landscaping service.

3. HOA has the first right of refusal on all homes

     in the Colony.

4. Homeowners must furnish application to the

     Board of Directors regarding prospective buyers

     at least 30 days before closing.


5. Homeowners/Realtors need to make prospective 

     buyers aware of the Crown Colony By-Laws and  

     also of the one time Application Fee to join the 

     Crown Colony Homeowners Association, which is

     currently $1500.00 (required by time of Closing on


6. Packets for prospective buyers are available from

     the Secretary of Crown Colony.

     (office 423-288-8625)


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